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Make Your Home or Business Beautiful
from the inside out! We Specialize in
Exterior & Interior Re-Paints & Repairs.
With over 20 Years Experience &
Detailed Expectations We Can Create a
Paint Job that will Last And have
People Compliment Your Home.
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Sherwin Williams

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"Quality Painting, Wallpaper & Expert Advice, Ask Us!" Proudly serving your Local Area. We specializes in Interior Painting, Wallpaper & Painting Supplies for Residential, Commercial, Condos, & Apartment Complexes. We carry only the Finest paint by Sherwin Williams. Call or come into our Store today!

Facelift Construction, LLC.


Give us a small part of your trust and we will earn the rest. Let us prove to you that we are the best! We have a proven track record of success with over 22 years experience. Our team specializes in stain and varnish of doors, drywall, interior & exterior painting, acoustic ceiling removal, and so much more! We offer FREE power wash for all Exterior Painting work.
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